Diseases From The Stone Quarry

Biomedical research 2014 volume 25 issue 2 deterioration of pulmonary function in stone quarry workers c h kiran kumar 1 mallikarjuna reddy n 1 sharan b singh m 1 bandihari krishna 1 sasikala p 1 shravyakeerthi g 2 siva kumar a v 1 and kareem s k 1 1 department of physiology narayana medical college nellore andhra pradesh india 2 department of physiology jawaharlal.

2 Die In Stone Quarry Blast In Ganjam

2 days ago it is suspected that explosive materials such as gelatin sticks and detonators stocked at a tinroofed house for use in the stone quarry might have caused the blast the intensity of the blast was so severe that two gas cylinders which were inside the house also

doc Environmental And Social Impacts Of Stone Quarrying

4 the specific objectives of the study are 1 to identify the negative impacts of quarry activities on the local environment of the study areas 2 to assess the views and awareness of communities on the impact of stone quarry 3 to examine the health impact of stone quarry on site residents

Self‐reported Disease Symptoms Of Stone Quarry Workers

A large number of stone quarry workers in this study have experienced disease symptoms associated with silica dust exposure eye irritation breathing difficulty coughing and common cold at one point during their working time in the stone quarry

Millville Quarry

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Goliath Stone Home

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How To Clean And Disinfect But Not Damage Natural Stone

Bleach can also damage lungs if not used in a wellventilated area – something that anyone at risk of catching covid19 would definitely want to avoid since the disease attacks the lungs the best alternative when you need to disinfect natural stone countertops is rubbing

Pulmonary Problems Among Quarry Workers Of Stone

Considerable pulmonary function impairments have been reported in quarry workers 910 in a study by ghotkar et al 11 the prevalence of respiratory morbidity among stone quarry workers was 325 based on radiological study the severity of pulmonary function impairment was significantly associated with increasing age duration of exposure to dust smoking status and presence of chronic obstructive

Regulations For Silicosis Prevention In The Stone And

Diagnosis of animal diseases ll886 regulations for silicosis prevention in the stone and quarry industries foreign title richtlinien der steinbruchsberufsgenossenschaft ber den schutz gegen gesundheitsgef hrlichen staub zur abwehr von lungenerkrankungen in der industrie der steine und erden vom

Quarry And Stoneworkers Tackling Occupational Disease

For stone workers exposures result from work in fixed premises work on high silicacontent stone cutting grinding and chiselling interventions that have been undertaken include a training tool to raise awareness amongst quarry operativesmaintenance personnel a vocational learning package for newentrant

In Rajasthans Quarries Workers Die To Make Pretty Garden

In the quarry where chemicals are used to pulverise the earth to reveal the stone workers often cut and chisel without goggles masks or other protective gear earning as little as 150 rupees

Influence Of Stone Quarries On Groundwater Quality And

Jun 01 dental and skeleton fluorosis is a common disease among children 10 years and adults of all age groups to understand the factors causing the dental and skeletal fluorosis diseases and their source in groundwater a study based on water quality analysis of aquifers in and around stone quarries was carried

Effects Of Quarry Activities On Some Selected

Mer blocks or sheets of stone such as marble are extracted in different shapes and sizes for different purposes in the crushed stone industry granite limestone sandstone or basaltic rocks are crushed for use principally as concrete aggregate or roadstone during the commissioning of the largest quarry

Ventilatory Functions In Stone Quarry Workers Of Rajasthan

Ninety two stone quarry workers from nearby villages of jodhpur town were assessed for their lung functions which included measurement of forced vital capacity fvc forced expiratory volume in ist second fev1 and peak expiratory flow rate pefr a detailed questionnaire was administered to al

Soundbites From The Quarry

Nov 14 soundbites from the quarry adventures in stone disease by dr lederer december 09 victoria roman dr eleanor lederer presents stone disease and how stones may be a presenting feature in many systemic

Stone Fruit Disease

Pests of stone fruits is a symptom based app for detecting and screening pests and diseases of peaches plums nectarines and apricots it is a pictorial guide that encompasses peach diseases and pests that are in the united states and exotic target pests of regulatory

Self‐reported Disease Symptoms Of Stone Quarry Workers

Ratory morbidity and eye problems are associated with the stone quarry industry due to the dusty nature of quarry environments the adverse health effects of working in the stone quarry industry have been well documented some of the adverse health outcomes mostly experienced by stone quarry workers include eye

Stone Fruits Fruit And Nut Diseases Plant Diseases

Stone fruit scab or freckle scab or freckle is a fungal disease of stone fruit it can cause loss or downgrading of fruit quality and is more severe in southern

Ground Water Quality Evaluation In Stone Quarry Area

Stone quarrying is a small scale labor oriented industry which has provided jobs to many people but at the same time it has brought a host of environmental pollution problems in the vicinity the study is carried out to understand the ground water quality in the stone quarry area the various parameters

The Hazards Of Dust From A Pitquarry Operation

The hazards of dust from a pitquarry operation there is incontrovertible evidence that increased pm 10 is related to increases in cardiopulmonary disease asthma bronchitis emphysema pneumoconiosis and premature death in those with preexisting conditions the

Respiratory Health Effects Of Dust In Female Stone Quarry

The prevalence of respiratory diseases and symptoms with regard to stone dust were recorded on 125 exposed and 125 control females from mails an endogamous caste group of rajasthan cough phlegm dyspnea frequent wheezing chest tightness occurred in creater number of female stone quarry workers than the controls matched for age ethnic origin socioeconomic talus

The Stone Quarry Which Was The Death Warrant Of Sapanca

The quarry the death warrant of sapancan has returned from the judiciary the quarry the death warrant of sapancan returned from the judiciary the judiciary did not allow the massacre of lake sapanca and the surrounding area 2 million people drinking

Health Hazards Of Mining And Quarrying

These occur in varying combinations depending on the mine or quarry its depth the composition of the ore and surrounding rock and the methods of mining among some groups of miners who live together in isolated locations there is also risk of transmitting some infectious diseases such as tuberculosis hepatitis b and e and the human

Virus Diseases Of Stone Fruits

Virus diseases of stone fruits l c cockran e l reeves stone fruits have been grown in north america for some 300 years but up to only five virus diseases were known to affect them peach yellows the first virus disease known to affect peach may have been present around philadelphia as early as seven epidemics the latest

A Study Of Pulmonary Function Test In Stone Quarry

Weaving etc so this study assessed the pulmonary function test among the stone quarry industry workers in wardha district it was a community based crosssectional study carried out in the stone quarries situated in villages of wardha district normal pulmonary function test pft obstructive lung disease found in

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